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Endotracheal Tube with cuffed
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Endotracheal Tube with cuffed

Medical disposable sterile endotracheal tube with cuff
1. It is used for clinical establishment of respiratory passages.
2. Made of medical-grade PVC.
3. All the contact parts to the human body are treated smoothly to prevent the damage to the gas pipeline.
4. Low pressure balloon provides effective seal and low contact pressure for the patient's respiratory tract.
5. The measurement is precisely printed on the wall.
6. The rear end is fitted with an universal joint.
7. The tube has lines with X-ray visualization.
8. Blister packaging.
9. Sterile by EO gas, single use.
10. CE&ISO13485.

Parameters Sheet

Product No. Size(Fr) Product No. Size(Fr)
Without Cuff With Cuff Without Cuff With Cuff
ET25P ET25PC 2.5 ET65P ET65PC 6.5
ET30P ET30PC 3 ET70P ET70PC 7
ET35P ET35PC 3.5 ET75P ET75PC 7.5
ET40P ET40PC 4 ET80P ET80PC 8
ET45P ET45PC 4.5 ET85P ET85PC 8.5
ET50P ET50PC 5 ET90P ET90PC 9
ET55P ET55PC 5.5 ET95P ET95PC 9.5
ET60P ET60PC 6 ET100P ET100PC 10
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